About Pinto Mi Casa

What is Pinto Mi Casa?
Pinto Mi Casa is the painting and interior decoration blog. It helps you to know techniques of painting and to decorate, use of materials, tools and gives you tips to select paint colors for your home though, all this through the tickets that are published every week.

The contents of PintoMiCasa
The published material on this blog is original and is not a copy of other websites, although sometimes it has been necessary for its elaboration to consult other media.

License and use of content
Pinto Mi Casa has a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license, that is, anyone is free to use the content, copy it and distribute it for free, but always mentioning the source. You can not sell this material.

If you make a copy of some of the articles of the blog, please, I ask you to include a legend at the end mentioned to Pinto My House, for example, “source: www.pintomicasa.com” or “via www.pintomicasa.com,” and if possible a link to it.

See more about the Creative Commons Non-Commercial license.

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